Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tall Bearded Iris 'TRIBAL TORCH '

TRIBAL TORCH flowered for me last season and intrigues me no end. First, the very involved Parentage and it's genetic code is made up from some very good irises. Frank Hutchings used a lot of Jean Stevens varieties in his breeding program, so as you can see below 'Pinnacle' is in the parentage of 'Tribal Torch' 5 times and then there is also an appearance of 'Finest Hour'. Undoubtedly ahead of its time with its variegata colouration and it's now referred to broken colour splashes on the standards. Secondly, concerning the registration description just how do you get a self beard on a bicolour??? Additional information added below from Tell's Gardens' Catalog adjusts this beard colour oversight. Many of you may grow Frank's well known 1973 introduction 'Festive Skirt' a Pink Amoena which is another top Iris and has 'Pinnacle' and 'Sunset Snows' included in its parentage . I am most pleased to have both of these irises in my collection.You will also note Tell Muhlestein's catalogue comments that 'Tribal Torch' is fertile both ways, but I can find no registered Iris that has it included in it's parentage, could this be an opportunity for someone??? 

Tell's Garden's Orem Utah. 'We proudly present our 1971 Introductions'.
TRIBAL TORCH (Hutchings) ML. 36" Ruby Mine X 68-89.  A very involved cross with Mardi Gras, Pinnacle (5 times), Mexican Magic, Finest Hour, Cherry Falls, Sable Night, Pacemaker, Canyon Sky, Tompkins 30-96 D, Cock Pheasant, Wabash, Red Torch. Stunning variegata with red-brown (auburn) falls; styles yellow flushed red ; beard burnt amber; Clean hafts; Superb addition to the limited variegata's. Fertile both ways. No. 68-17A..............................Net $25.00

1979 AIS Checklist
TRIBAL TORCH (Hutchings R. 1970) Sdgl. 68-17A. TB 32" (81cm) M. S.golden with F. color busting up from the base: F. rich red chocolate; self beard.Ruby Mine X 68-89A (Inv. Pinnacle, Cherry Falls, Sable Night, Pacemaker, Canyon Sky, Cock Pheasant, Wabash, Red Torch.) Tell 1971

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  1. What an incredible website. I did a post on the iris, but it was nothing like this!!! I love your blog. very unique.

  2. Gorgeous photo. The crimping on the edge of the standards reminds me of Zurbrigg's Quivering Flame.


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