Monday, June 9, 2008

Legendary New Zealand Iris Hybridizer 'Ron Busch'



Amazing Tall Bearded un-named seedlings from the garden of
New Zealand's Ron Busch.

Yes you guessed it they are flats

These shots scanned from photos.

Welcome to the magical world of Ron Busch.

© All Photo Credits Ron Busch



  1. These are spectacular. I'd like to know the parentage. I hope they get registered and introduced as I'd love to grow them in my garden!

    Jim Murrain
    Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  2. Jim,
    Thanks for the kind words,I will pass them on to Ron.

    I will be going to Christchurch this coming bloom season to photo all of Ron's seedlings and Recent introductions.He has 1000's of seedlings and sadly is not given the respect in New Zealand that he deserves.More people like yourself need to leave comments on this blog so New Zealander's get to see international opinions like yours.
    I think he is magic!!!!From what I have seen and what has been reported to me there is more chance of finding a NZ Dykes medal winning iris in Ron's garden than anywhere else in New Zealand

  3. Iris,
    I have just read your above comment and I would like to pass on my heart felt thank you. I am one of Ron Busch's grandchildren and it is so touching to see the above comments on his skill and passion. He was such a humble, quiet man (until he started talking about irises.) As a family we miss him greatly.


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