Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Zealand Tall Bearded Iris 'SEARCHLIGHT'

It is a another big thanks to Sarah Cook in England that New Zealander's get to see another of the great irises of Jean Stevens breeding lines which got major raps when first released 60 years ago. Photo was taken three weeks ago in Merian Park, Botanical Garden,Brüglingen, Switzerland.

STEVENS BROS 1948-49 Catalogue

Since the introduction about twenty years ago of the first really large tall yellow iris,there have been many hundreds of this yellow colour raised; and slowly through the years,size of bloom depth of colour, form and substance have improved until today a golden iris which merits introduction must be good indeed. Despite this fact we had no hesitation in offering this new gold in completest confidence and wit our strongest recommendation. We are very pleased to say that our opinion of Searchlight quality has been fully endorsed by reports of its first flowering in America. The flowers have excellent substance, are very large, and possess that appealing form that is made up of a combination of flared falls and wavy petals.The colour is rich deep and even and not even at the haft is there any suspicion of the fine olive veins which subdue the brightness of so many gold irises 3½ ft.

The New Zealand Iris Hybridiser's Checklist 2011
SEARCHLIGHT  Mrs J. Stevens, Reg., 1948.   Sdlg. 3/T93. TB, 42″, M, Y4D. Clean gold self with self beard. Smooth. 3½ft: Description J. Stevens Studbook notes,‘1946 blooming’;  (Golden Majesty) X (Naranja x Redmayne). 'Novelties' Stevens Bros 1948-49.

Thanks to Sarah there is one less NOID in my collection of Historic irises and one more iris in my Jean Stevens collection


  1. These are wonderful. I'll have to keep my eyes open for "searchlight" when I'm reading to buy more irises.

  2. The yellow Iris is FABULOUS! Thanks for sharing - off to find some in my area to add to my garden.


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