Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tall Bearded Iris 'CAYENNE CAPERS'

Just after a shower of rain with the sunshine passing through the bloom just like the catalogue description below it was just to good of an opportunity to miss. Don't forget, Left Click with your mouse on any photo to view a larger image

Cooleys 1961 Catalogue pictured above
New Iris for 1961
CAYENNE CAPERS (Gibson 1961) Each $25.00
Shown on the front cover of this catalogue in precise and accurate detail. Vivid and flashing with the sunshine on it or through it....glowing and alive on a cloudy day or in the pouring rain. For rich, intense color in a plicata, this-red hot eye-catcher has no parallel. Dominant color is fiery burgundy to red pepper but a mirror area on the falls is lit with cream. Beard is orange-bronze. H.C.AIS 1960. 3 feet tall.

AIS Checklist 1959
CAYENNE CAPERS (Gibson, R. 1959). Sdlg. 8-6-PA. TB 36" M. R2. S. brownish red, F. brown-red on white. From two sdlgs.,

Photo Credit and Copyright Iris Hunter



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