Monday, October 27, 2008


Siberian Irises are my first interest in Irises and always give me much joy.My season this year looks to be about 10 days earlier than normal and no I do not think this has to do with climate change!! In 2007 'BANISH MISFORTUN which bloom's continuously for the full siberian season won 'The Award of Merit' which is an award for Irises proven of value over at least five years since introduction and this sum's up this iris nicely.

Joe Pye Weed's Gardens 2008 Catalog
BANISH MISFORTUNE - '99, E-L, 45". Standards and falls are mid-lavender-blue with large smooth yellow to cream signals, veined deep purple. An outstanding clump with tall strong stalks each with 6 to 7 buds. AM’07

2006 Cumulative Checklist of Siberian Irises
BANISH MISFORTUNE Schafer, Marty and Sacks, Jan. Reg. 1999 Sdlg S92-85-12. SIB (dip.) (45" 114 cm) EML S. medium light bluebird-blue (RHS 94C), veined darker (94B); style arms lighter, with dark midrib; F. lobelia-blue (91B) on lower portion, veined darker, remainder covered by large signal, haft darker mimosa-yellow (8A), paling (9D) on blade, with deep purple (93A/B) veins; slight fragrance. S89-6-6: (Star Cluster x Ruffled Velvet) x Isabelle) X Snow Prince. Joe Pye Weed's Garden 1999. HM 2003 AM 2007

Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter


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