Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Blue Brothers


Two Blue Border Bearded irises in the garden today. As the definition of an Historic Iris is Thirty years from the date of its registration one of these irises is Historic and one is not. Not that this makes any difference as both are worthy of a space in your garden. This blog has the name Heritage Irises and it is my determination that all irises growing in New Zealand are part of our iris heritage and all will eventually become Historic so why not start early? Give them a good home

AM I BLUE (D. Denney, R. 1977). Sdlg. 0 72-134-1. BB 20" (51 cm) E. S. pale blue with intense navy blue infusion through midribs and styles; F. pale blue; deep navy blue beard. Strange Magic X Sapphire Hills., Cottage Gardens 1977.

BLACKBEARD (J. Weiler, R. 1988). Sdlg. 82-114-1. BB 25" (64 cm) M-VL. Tailored pale steel blue; blackish violet beard. 78-56-1A: ((Goodnight Irene x Blue Luster) x (Matinata x Style Master)) X 76-64-1: ((Matinata x Style Master) x (Regalaire x Nobleman))., Rialto Gardens 1989. HM 1991, AM 1993



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