Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tall Bearded Iris 'MAJORETTE'

If I were only allowed to grow 10 irises this would be near the top the list. "Majorette" a strong grower that shows good increase. Bloom is bright and exciting for an almost Plicata that is both different and pleasing. When this Iris was first listed by Lyons Iris Gardens in America, it sold for the princely sum of $14.00. Can't say for sure who still sells this Iris in New Zealand but if I find out I will adjust this post later.

Lyons Irisland, 1955 Catalog, Lyons Iris Gardens, Van Nuys, California.
MAJORETTE (Miess 1953)
Vivid in coloring, unusual. Light medium red-violet shading to deep red-violet on the fall petals, white beard, white plicata markings on the shoulders- these points have special charm. Flaring falls, graceful ruffling. Mid-season 36" (Golden Gleam X Wayfarer) Honorable Mention 1954.

Region 14 Northern California, Nevada, Regional Bulletin, Spring 1958.
Varietal Comment, Mildred B. Maris, Live Oak, California.

MAJORETTE (Miess '53) So many reds burn from our hot sun, but this one does well for me. The color is red violet, flaring and ruffled. There is a white plicata stippling at the haft and a white beard.The form is excellent . It has everything good iris should have

Schreiner's Iris Lover's Catalogue,1958.
MAJORETTE (Miess,1953) E.M. 36"
An Iris with deep maroon falls interestingly etched and feathered white, plicata-like, around the white beard in a vivid manner. Upright standards are a fitting climax to this royal purple coloured Iris.HM 1954; AM 1956

Region 14 Northern California, Nevada, Regional Bulletin, Fall 1958.
Varietal Comment, Mary Ollmann, Menlo Park, California.

MAJORETTE (Miess '53) After three seasons I have decorated it with my own medal for performance beyond the call of duty. Even the fine foliage seems to resist spot and rust.

Iris Colorama Catalog,1961, Marble Iris Gardens, Grandview, Washington. 
MAJORETTE (Miess 1953) HM, 38"
An unusual Iris of red violet with a lighter area around the beard. This bicolor is soft and loverly with a richness and quality that is sure to please every iris grower. H.M., 1954: A.M., 1956.

Courtesy of  Lyons Irisland  Catalog 1955

AIS Checklist 1959
MAJORETTE (Miess, R. 1952). TB 36" M. RV3. S. rosemary (M & P 44-H4); F. deep maroon (M&P 47-L7), or light medium red-violet and deep red-violet. (Name released by Mrs. Mary Tharp.) Golden Gleam x Wayfarer., Syllmar 1953. HM 1954; AM 1956.

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