Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Zealand Tall Bearded Iris "PRIZE LADY"

First bloomed for me at home 4 days ago,and what a top surprise. 'PRIZE LADY' was given this name by Noel Lapham because as you can see in the checklist description it had won a CM in 2005. Please don't ask me what a CM is but it seems a obscure Award for such an outstanding Iris. One would think this amazing Iris is been considered for New Zealand's Highest Iris Award. It is my opinion (and that's what this blog is) that this iris is of a international standard, more than a match for imported varieties, showing high health, good increase, height, great bud count,and edgy colour tones. Fertility unknown.

'Broken Dreams' the pod parent has traits of broken colour but it seems to be seasonal and is some what erratic and inconsistent and this can be on the same plant in the same season. Reminiscent of that stable broken colour Tall bearded Iris of the 80's "Maria Torena" (Allan Ensminger '87) which is an Iris I admire a lot.

2011 New Zealand Hybridisers Cumulative Checklist

PRIZE LADY (Mr. Noel Lapham, R. 2007). TB, 37" (95cm), M. S. peach pink, ruffled; style arms pink, F. purple splashes at tips blending to lemon influence around vivid orange beards. Broken Dreams X Unknown. CM 2005 Mossburn Iris Gardens 2007

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Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter

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  1. Ohhh come to mamma!!!
    I do feel that I need that Iris!!!!


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