Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tall Bearded Historic Iris "GLACIER "

Many white irises are now on show, but so many damaged by the rain and with more rains to come this is not going to be a great bloom season for the early varieties. Despite the weather 'Glacier' a French raised variety has managed to keep its head up, and a variety taller than most, is liked a lot. 47 years old and I have always considered 'Glacier' to be a significant transitional iris from the classic form to the more modern form of white Iris blooms. It does however slowly revert back to the older form the older the blooms become.

AIS Checklist 1969

GLACIER R Cayeux, 1962 TB 37" M, Large White self, pale yellow beard. (Claude Cayeux x Jane Phillips) X Blue Throat.,

Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter

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