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Tall Bearded Historic Iris "LOS ANGELES "

The heirloom iris 'Los Angeles' flowering in the rain at home today, its the sibling to the Dykes Medal winning plicata 'San Francisco' but a much better grower, and sure is a sight to behold.

Robert Wayman Bayside, New York. Catalog for 1930-31 

LOS ANGELES (Mohr-1927)
This new giant "plicata" bloomed for the first time in my garden in 1929. $10.00 each

Quality Gardens, Iris, Freeport, Illinois. Iris 1933
Foreword, 'A little gossip about Iris'

The curious and interesting part of it is the fact that the buying public, the rank and file of people who grow irises in their gardens for their own pleasure so often disagree decidedly with official awards. As an example the first American award of the Dykes medal was made to San Francisco, first of the giant plicata's. Its sister seedling, Los Angeles outsells it year in and year out by a wide margin. The selection of the 50 and 100 best Irises by the accredited judges of the American Iris society also places Los Angeles ahead of San Francisco. This should not be taken as at all discounting San Francisco, a great and wonderful Iris, finest of the giant plicata type, but shows the fallibility of official ratings.
LOS ANGELES (Morh 1927) M. 46" Fragrant. Great white flowers of fine shape and texture ; the standards faintly edged blue, falls beautifully marked red brown at the base and the blue style arms lend a note of clear colour to the centre. One of the most beautiful irises we list. It is perfectly hardy and has stood in our garden for years unprotected.

Stevens Bros, Bulls. Catalogue of Irises 1937-38

LOS ANGELES (Morh-Mitchell)
Snowy white standards and falls with a slight stitching of coerulean at the haft, and clear blue style arms, Los Angeles is an exquisitely sculptured beauty with the finest satin sheen. It is tall, vigorous, and well branched- a classic Iris that is a cornerstone in any collection worthy of the name 3½ ft.

Carl Salbach Iris and Selected Seed Catalog, Berkeley, California, 1937

LOS ANGELES (Morh-Mitchell) This giant plicata, introduced with the Dykes medal winner San Francisco alternates in favour with the latter- one person preferring Los Angeles, the next San Francisco. Los Angeles has more white and less of the blue plicata markings than San Francisco and is a good doer everywhere. Great white flowers of fine shape and substance, the standards faintly edged blue with the blue style arms adding a note of clear blue in the centre. Tall and widely branched. Most outstanding. Early. 40 inch. $0.25 ; 3 for $.60

The Iris Year Book 1942,
Bearded Flag Irises-An Initial Thirty.By F. Wynn Hellings.
LOS ANGELES. Although reputedly tender in some districts, probably on account of its mesopotamica blood, it has never given me any trouble or demanded any special treatment. My favourite among plicatas and superior to any in sheer aristocratic beauty. The large white flowers on 4 feet stems, have a reddish flush on the fall hafts and the blue style-arms add piquancy. It is free flowering, increases rapidly, and is quite a healthy Iris.

Tell’s Iris Gardens, Iris Catalog and Hybridizers handbook, Provo, Utah, 1951.

LOS ANGELES (Morh-Mitchell 1927) M. (Conquistador x Parisiana) x (Esplendido) Lightly marked white plicata. Splendid parent, good blood for blues, whites, and plicatas. AM '44

AIS 1939 Checklist

LOS ANGELES TB-M-W2 (Mohr-Mitchell 1927): ((Conquistador x Parisiana) x Esplendido)

Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter

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