Thursday, January 26, 2012

Anton Mego 2012 Iris FLYING CYPRIAN

Anton Mego writes," 'FLYING CYPRIAN' attracts with non typical colouring. Standards are light blue coloured with non regular dark blue tint. From their parents falls inherit velvet plum dark purple colour with lighter margin. Falls surface is leathery like, not very typical. Cinnamon like orange beards supply the blossoms with unique patina.  Nicely branched stalks have minimal 8 buds".

AIS Checklist 2011
FLYING CYPRIAN (Anton Mego, R. 2011). Sdlg. AM-04/1510-1. TB, 34.5" (88 cm), EM. S. light blue washed darker blue; style arms light blue; F. velvety plum-purple blue with lighter edge; beards cinnamon orange; slight sweet fragrance. AM-00/0493-1: (AM-96/0119-1: (Wild Jasmine x Hello Darkness)) x AM-93/0038-1: (Edith Wolford x Queen In Calico) X AM-96/0162-1: (Fancy Woman x Hello Darkness).

   Heritage Irises like to spoil our online visitors with the very new as well as all our Iris Heritage and it is indeed an honour to display all five Introductions by Anton Mego for the year 2012. Anton has 
also advised that only he will be selling these Irises commercially this season. As always, clicking the image will take you to the larger, higher resolution version.
Major Hat tip and sincere thanks to Anton Mego.

Photo credit and copyright Anton Mego


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