Friday, January 13, 2012

New Zealand Tall Bearded Iris "IRWELL SURPRISE"

 Truly wonderful new entries into the New Zealand iris world are few and far between but every now and again even my iris world gets a surprise. 

Its a sensational Iris that caught me completely unaware arriving in the form of a photo sent by Carol Rogerson the owner of South Pacific Epiphyllums who grows this iris. I had never seen this iris before even though it was registered in 2006.
It could of been called 'Caught me by Surprise' but then again when thinking of the varieties Ron has introduced to date he could of also have called it 'No Surprise Really' and I would have had to agreed.
Now I know that the irises of Ron Busch have not had a smooth ride to success but you can't keep a good thing down forever.
Nothing like a visionary emissary to remind us of the wondrous Irwell Iris we all have to look forward to in the coming years.

I have had the privilege of reading Ron's very complicated Breeding notes and whilst the original registration states the parentage as 'Involved Irwell seedling lines', I have taken the liberty to fill in the missing parents. It does seem that broken color is most often linked with plicata, one way or another, and you will note the inclusion of various plicatas on both sides of the parentage.

2010 New Zealand Hybridisers Cumulative Checklist
IRWELL SURPRISE  Ron Busch, Reg., 2006. Sdlg. 1226. TB, 36″, (91 cm), ML. S. coffee cream over orange base; style arms orange; F. orange brown, deeper veining; beards tangerine.Involved parentage that includes Wild Apache, Youthful Charm, Rococo, Taholah, Tea Apron, Lula Marguerite, Velvet Robes, Laurie X  Tea Apron, Rococo, Youthful Charm, Latin Love, Velvet Robes, Lula Marguerite, Laurie, Earthling, Cutie, Pipes of Pan, Rich Melody, Melodrama; Rossmore Iris Gardens 2008

Photo Credit and Copyright Carol Rogerson, South Pacific Epiphyllums



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