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Tall Bearded Iris "PRINCE INDIGO"

An absolutely must have for a sixties historic iris collection is the sensational 'Prince Indigo'  It creates a staggering picture in the garden and one of its most important qualities, in my opinion is its extremely vigorous growth that produces top quality stalks that can carry up to nine buds each of a truly distinctive lustrous purple colour with good form that will not be mistaken for any other Iris.

Schreiner's Iris Lovers Catalog 1964

PRINCE INDIGO (Schreiner 1964) L 38"
If space limitations restricted one to growing only 'TEN OUTSTANDING IRIS' one selection ought to be the finest deep violet obtainable. Since the days of Madame Gaudichau, deep violet has been recognized as one of the great color categories among iris. It's a hue found but rarely in the Floral Kingdom. This year, for the first time in many years, we have a magnificent representative of the class to offer Iris Fanciers.  PRINCE INDIGO cannot be called a novelty because of any peculiarity of color or form. It achieves uniqueness through sheer quality. The rich pansy violet hue, the absolute even coloring throughout, the glistening, luxurious pile, the generous size, superb branching and aristocratic bearing stamp this as an iris classic. The illustration here shows only part of its richness, it fails to show the the extra broad form characteristic of this worthy iris. No. R 631-1  $25.00  

Courtesy Schreiners Iris Lovers Catalog 1964

Schliefert Iris Gardens, Murdock, Nebraska, 29th Annual Catalog, 1970
PRINCE INDIGO (Schreiner 1964)
Unique through sheer quality!! Rich pansy violet with even coloring throughout; glistening, luxurious pile, generous size and superb branching. A.M.1967

Richmond Iris Garden, Richmond, Nelson.1971-1972
PRINCE INDIGO- L 38". The rich violet hue, the even colouring, the luxurious pile, the generous size, and the superb branching stamps this as an Iris classic.

Browns Sunnyhill Gardens Milton-Freewater, Oregon 1972 Catalog
 (Schreiner 1964) Rich pansy violet self with blue-violet beard. Large, nicely formed flowers on tall well branched stalks. A.M.1967

AIS Checklist 1969
PRINCE INDIGO (Schreiners, R. 1964). Sdlg. R-631-l. TB 38" L. V1D. Pansy-violet self, violet cast beard. First Violet X King's Choice., Schreiners 1964. HC 1963, HM 1965, JC 1965, 1966, AM 1967.

Photo Credit and Copyright Iris Hunter


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