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Tall Bearded Iris MULLED WINE

Way back in 1985, 'Mulled Wine' was the winner of the Chamber of Commerce prize for the best commercial variety at the International Iris Competition in Florence, an award equally relevant today. A very popular Tall Bearded Iris with the home gardening fraternity making it a perennial top selling iris that continues to be grown and stocked by many commercial Iris nurseries, worldwide. Need to order early, as the variety even though it is thirty two years old can still obtain the additional label "SOLD OUT" (Pretty much says it all).

Keith Keppel, Stockton, California. IRISES 1982.
MULLED WINE (Keppel '82) L 36"
Hearty raspberry-burgundy with faint apricot undertoning on upper falls. Prominent terracotta beards adorn hafts not marred by the striations generally associated with this color range. Ruffled and laced flowers are somewhat globular in form; the standards slightly open, but very firmly held due to the extraordinary substance. Two or three branches plus terminal. #76-35C ...........................$30.00

Tempo Two, Barry and Lesley Blyth, East Road, Pearcedale, Victoria, Australia. Season 1985-86
MULLED WINE (Keppel '82 USA) ML. 36". We have been delighted with this great Iris since seeing it in the Keppel garden in 1980 as a selected seedling and because it is such a good grower we have enough of it to release already. Colour is raspberry burgundy self with brown orange beards. Ethereal and stately . Has to be seen to be appreciated. Was awarded best commercial new colour in Florence in '85. Quality plus! (Long involved pedigree x Maraschino) HM '84. Watch for more awards. $25.00.

BayBloom Nurseries, Cambridge Road, R.D.1 Tauranga. Spring and Summer  Catalogue,1996.
MULLED WINE. A nice fully-rounded rich vibrant shade of raspberry-burgundy with apricot under-toning. The vivid orange beards enhance the feeling of piquant warmth emanating from the ruffled and laced flower.

AIS Checklist 1989
MULLED WINE Keith Keppel, Reg. 1981. Seedling 76-35C. TB, height 36" (91 cm), Late Bloomer. Raspberry burgundy (M&P 54-I-6 to 53-H-3) with apricot beige undertoning (5-B-9) on upper part of F.; terracotta beard; slight musky fragrance. 73-26B: (70-24B: (('Amigo's Guitar' x ('Rippling Waters' x 'Gypsy Lullaby')) x (Jones 743 x ('Marquesan Skies' x 'Babbling Brook'))) x 'Salmon River') X 'Maraschino'. Keppel 1982. H.M. 1984, A.M.1986. AIS. H.M. Florence 1985.

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