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Border Bearded Iris BATIK

I am a great fan of 'Broken Colour' Irises or the term I much prefer 'Splish Splash Irises' which is how Perry Dyer refers to them. From the hybridiser who I have always admired and was given the nickname "The Wizard of Odds", 'Batik' is one of Allan Ensminger's better known introductions. More detail needs to be written about Allan Ensminger and his Iris breeding while the peoples memories who knew him are still fresh.

White Flower Farm, Litchfield, Connecticut, Fall 2013 Bulbs Catalog

A striking Border Bearded Iris that is royal purple streaked and mottled white. Like snowflakes, no two blooms are alike. The effect is enchanting, and because plants grow just 24in tall, you can enjoy them with such companions as Aquilegia. Winner of three American Iris Society awards.

Cooleys Gardens, Silverton, Oregon. Iris Catalog 2002.
BATIK (Ensminger, 1986) M. 26" (BB)
White flecking and strips contrast with deep purple. Yellow beards are tipped white.

Schreiner's, Salem,Oregon, 2013 Collectors Edition, Iris Lovers Catalog.

BATIK (Ensminger, 1986) E. 24" (BB)
Wildly irregular spattered and streaked with white markings give each royal purple flower its own distinctive look. Its habit is rather tall and its flowers large for a border bearded.HM '88, AM '90, KM '92

IRISES, A Gardener's Encyclopedia, Claire Austin.

Iris 'Batik' ( A. Ensminger, 1985) This broken (unstable) coloured flower has blue-purple petals that are streaked white. The white streaks are very unstable and vary both in quantity and width from flower to flower. Height 66cm (26in.). Bloom; Midseason. Parentage 'Aegean Star' X 'Purple Streaker'. Knowlton Medal 1992.

AIS Checklist 1989
BATIK (Allan Ensminger, Reg. 1985). Seedling 79-79. BB, height 26" (66 cm), M. White ground, striped royal purple; yellow beard tipped white. Aegean Star X Purple Streaker. Varigay Gardens 1986. Honorable Mention 1988; Award of Merit 1990; Knowlton Medal 1992.

Available in New Zealand from Helen Laing at her Amberley nursery 'The Iris Farm'  and Wendy Begbie's  'Amazing Iris Gardens'.
A big hat tip once again to Julie May of 'The Iris Garden' fame for her very fine photo.
As usual, clicking the above image will take you to the larger, higher resolution version.
Photo credit and copyright Julie May


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