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FIRST ROW : (Top) Rodney ; Iris King ; Ed Michael ; Eldorado ; SECOND ROW :  Ma Mie ; Mrs Cowley ; Harmony ; Gules ; Dream ; THIRD ROW : Seminole ; Queen Alexandra ; P. V. Louise ; Primavera ; FOURTH ROW : Ballerine ; Bonita ; S. de Gaudichau ; Isoline ; Louis Bel FIFTH ROW : Evadne ; Senorita ; Prosper Laugier ; Argynnis ; SIXTH ROW : Rhein Nixie : Anne Leslie : Alcazar : Asia : Bandonella

Discovering another important part of New Zealand Iris history is always satisfying and inevitably for me, it always comes when I am researching some other part of Iris history. I call it my research collateral damage. Harrison's Bulb and Iris List 1933 has some 157 varieties of Bearded Irises listed. The above collage is from the catalogue and is as good as I can get it digitally at the moment until I can negotiate a scan of the document with the National Library. Takes a bit of work to glean information when the moment all pages have to be photographed and then viewed and retyped into a data base. Now as you can see these really are the 'Historic Irises' I like with unbelievable classic form.  
I have listed below 1929 Check List entries for the above varieties and this information is then followed by the description from Harrison's 1933 Catalogue. Names or spelling of some irises vary slightly from the above Harrison Catalogue names when matched with the official 1929 Checklist names listed below:

ALCAZAR, TB L S3D (Vilmorin, 1910) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: Standards (S) Light bluish violet, Falls (F) dark purple, with bronze and yellow throat. Very large ; a favourite. 1/6

ANNE LESLIE, TB-M-W9 (Sturtevant 1918) (Dr. Bernice X .......) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: S. white tinted rose ; F. carmine ; small flowers, but very effective in the sunlight. 1/6

ARGYNNIS, TB-LaM-Y9M ( Williamson 1925) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: S. rich mustard yellow, F. bright chestnut red with narrow yellow edge ; new attractive variety; very free flowering. 2/-

ASIA, TB-MLa-S3L (George Yeld 1920) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: One of the most outstanding Irises in the garden. The plant is tall and vigorous, flowers are large and numerous and of excellent substance. S., which are broad and massive, are pale silvery lavender, with golden yellow case. F., pale reddish purple, lighter at the margins. One of the best. 1/6 each, 3 for 3/-

BALLERINE,  TB-M-B3M (Vilmorin 1920) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: Enormous blooms with broard light blue standards beautifully waved at the margins ; falls broard and deeper colour. Blooms well place on tall well branched stalk. A glorious plant 1/6

BANDOLLERO, TB-M-B1L (Mohr-Mitchell 1926) (Conquistador X Lent A. Williamson) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: 
BandonellaFlowers are distinct light blue well placed on a tall widely branched stalk ; A good new one 2/6

BONITA, TB-M-Y4M (Mohr-Mitchell 1928) (Romona X Shekinah) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: The beautifully shaped flowers are pure clean buttercup yellow. The tallest and purest of all yellows to date. Strong growing, free flowering, and wonderfully attractive when massed with blues. Stocks have increased splendidly thus enabling us to offer it at such a popular price. Introduced at £4 each. 2/6

DREAM, TB-M-R7M (Sturtevant 1918) (Juniata X Aglaia) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: A very lovly rose pink self colour with orange beard. Perfect form and excellent substance. 1/3, 3 for 3/-

EDOUARD MICHEL, TB-M-R7D (Verdier 1904)  (pallida X Amas) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue:
Ed Michael; A ruffled flower of  deep wine red, the tallest and best in this colour class ; Most effective shade. 1/6, 3 for 3/-

ELDORADO, TB-M-S4D  (Vilmorin 1910) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: S. yellowish bronze, beautifully shaded with heliotrope ; F. violet purple ; style arms clear gold ; very rich colouring, and altogether a most satisfactory Iris. 1/-, 3 for 2/-

EVADNE, TB-M-R7D (Bliss 1921) Diadem x (Queen of May x Cordelia) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: A beautiful bronze-red self. The colour is particularly warm and glowing, and the beard a conspicuous golden yellow. The flowers are of a medium size, set on well branched strong stems. Extremely free flowering and deliciously scented. 2/6

GULES,  TB-M-R9M  (Bliss 1917) (Trosupurba x Queen of May) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue:S. lilac ; F.rich pansy violet. Beautiful, free flowering scented variety. 1/-

HARMONY, IB-E-B1M (Dykes 1923) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: Deep rich violet-purple self with satiny sheen ; very free, and the best in this class for massing. 1/6

IRIS KING, (Goos & Koenemann, 1907). IB-M-Y9M. (Dalmatica x Maori King) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: S. old gold ; F. very broad, rich velvety crimson-maroon, margined with gold ; a good variety that is a general favourite. 1/6

ISOLINE, TB-M-S9L (Vilmorin, 1904) Description from Harrisons 1933 catalogue: S. lilac-pink shot copper, very large and effective ; F. purplish old rose. A most distinct and beautiful Iris that should be in every collection. 1/-

LOUIS BEL, IB-M-R7D (Denis 1921) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: This is without doubt the darkest, most richly coloured and most velvety Iris yet produced. S. dark velvety violet ; F. purple black. It is wonderfully free flowering and one of the most admired in our collection. Offered at a greatly reduced price. 3/6

MA MIE,  IB-M-W8 (Cayeux et LeClerc, 1906) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: White frilled and veined with blue. One of the most free flowering ; very early. 1/-

MRS COWLEY, TB-E-S6M (Bliss 1920) (Queen of May x Maori King) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: Standards coppery buff ; Falls deep rich rosy purple ; early and very free flowering. 1/-., 3 for 2/-.

PRIMAVERA, IB-E-Y4L (Mohr-Mitchell 1926) (pumila X mesopotamica) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: the medium-height stalks are well branched and full of blooms, which are of a good size, beautifully rounded form and excellent substance. Soft primrose yellow self. 1/6.

PRINZESS VICTORIA LUISE,  IB-MLa-Y9L (Goos & Koenemann, 1910) Description from Harrisons 1933 catalogue: P. V. Louise
Standards crimson yellow ; Falls reddish purple, with a distinct narrow primrose edge. Very pleasing ; dwarf. 1/-

PROSPER LAUGIER , IB M S9D (Verdier, 1914) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: standards coppery crimson ; Falls deep velvety crimson. A general favourite. 1/-, 3 for 2/-

QUEEN ALEXANDRA, TB-MLa-S7L (Barr 1910) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: A very beautiful and free flowering variety, with self-coloured flowers an attractive shade of bronzy mauve. 1/-

RHEIN NIXE, TB-M-W9 (Goos & Koenemann, 1910). Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: Standards white ; Falls rich violet purple, with a distinct white edge. Attracts immediate attention. 1/6

RODNEY,  TB-M-B1M ( Bliss 1919) (Mme Chereau x dalmatica). Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: A violet-blue self ; Strong grower and very free flowering. Splendid for massing ; easily the best in it's colour. 1/-

SEMINOLE, TB-M-R9D (Farr 1920) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: standards wine coloured ; Falls rich ruby velvety crimson ; Flowers dome-shaped. A magnificent and most attactive Iris. 2/-

SENORITA, TB-S3L (Mohr-Mitchell 1928) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue:On slender stems, 50 inches tall, are airily poised delightful flowers of high decorative value. The colour scheme is of pastel shades, pale lavender, overlaid luminous yellow ; Falls lilac, primrose. A distictive novelty. 2/-, 3 for 4/-

SOUV. DE MME GAUDICHAU, TB-E-B3D (Millet, 1914) (Fries Morel X Dalmatica or Amas?) Description from Harrison's 1933 catalogue: 
S. de Gaudichau; Standards rich violet ; Falls brilliant blackish purple. An unusually dark velvety bi-colour of fine shape and finish, an excellent substance ; splendid variety and general favourite. 1/6

5th November 2014; I have updated the above information to stop the annoying internet spelling checker leaving 'I know best comments'. In the interest of accuracy if the Iris was sold with a name spelt different to the official checklist entries this is always to be stated. For example 

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