Friday, February 27, 2009

Siberian Iris Back To A Bright Future

Hybridisers are somewhat shy when it comes to show and tell what is in the future breeding patterns so we are really lucky when Jeff Dunlop gave his consent for me to post these brilliantly bright new seedlings of his. Jeff had this to say "As pointed out earlier 'Another Pretty Face' is not only a lovely and pleasing new tet flower but is also proving to be a parent with interesting kids too. 'Another Pretty Face' really has a lot of red in it from both parents: a nice red Dunlop seedling, 96102-3T X Strawberry Fair (Hollingworth '94). Here are just a couple of seedlings out of 'Another Pretty Face' which appear to be especially exciting. Both of these I think of as red/blues as a quick look indicates".

Above is the stunning 02527-8T, a cross of a converted lavender McEwen seedling, S89/108F X Another Pretty Face. The aqua style arms with raspberry rims are especially prominent and increase the wow factor of this seedling. Nice red standards and very wide blended red/blue falls with small white signals are a special plus too. This one has been lined out and may be ready within a few years if it performs well.

The second seedling is 03092-1T, a superb All American colored seedling. Falls and standards are blends of reds and blues with white signals and white wire rims. Styles have tones of light red, aqua and near white. Elements of the flower have nice width and great ruffling making for a pleasing package. This is a cross of Another Pretty Face X Miss Portland (Dunlop '06) a wonderful starchy blue with a white signal and a white wire rim.

Massive hat tip once again to Jeff for Photo and information

Please note that in the 2 photos, all 3 of the flowers have been crossed. The evidence is clearly seen by anthers inserted in the stigmatic lips of all 3 blossoms, to make the new cross, if the pollen takes.

Photo Credit and Copyright Jeff Dunlop

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