Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Keith Keppels Iris 2015 Catalog

FIRE DANGER M 33" ((Inside Track X Spice Lord) X Sorbonne). Hotly colored plicata. Dark reddish burgundy standards are solid except for faint pale yellow dappling visible on close inspection. Bright lemon yellow falls carry a wide border to match standards. Unobtrusive rusty tan beards layered violet and white. Terminal two branches and spur, seven buds #07-197c.

SHIVAREE M 33" ((( Game Plan pod parent sib X Game Plan pollen parent) X Sunblaze) X Golden Panther) As loudly raucous as any proper shivaree!! Ruffled bright orange standards sit atop falls of equally bright but more yellow toned orange. Shoulders are pleasingly decorated with soft rosewood reticulations beside the solidly colored red orange beards. Unfortunately like its parent color is not totally sunfast, but a shrill orange blast in the garden it is hard to surpass. Three branches, seven to ten buds. Judged best seedling in show, Salem 2014. #04-13A .

Keith Keppels 2015 catalog arrived in the mail two weeks ago and contains 9 brilliant Tall Bearded Introductions.
Keith writes "overall, a somewhat milder winter this round, quite wet and windy at the moment.  Irises started into growth and iris seeds germinating.  We're naturally especially hopeful this will be a good bloom season in view of the convention.  We're not on tour, but there are two optional tours before the regular convention meetings, and on one of the tours about 150 people  will stop here, so there will be far more garden traffic than usual.  We do no local advertising and do not keep up a display garden...this is strictly a working iris field....so aren't used to, or geared for, people en masse"
If you get to go on the optional pre-convention tour to Keiths gardens you are one lucky person, savour the day!!

Be sure to visit Keith Keppel's web site!!
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Photo credit and copyright Keith Keppel.


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