Friday, May 30, 2008

Arilbred Iris 'ESTHER, THE QUEEN'



all my New Zealand friends and visitors who might just read the next post but are frustrated at not been able to purchase the featured Aril iris plant This posts is for you!!

The best thing about 'Esther the Queen' is that you get an exotic Aril Iris and a Historic Iris all rolled into one!!
The plant gives good increase. These Iris are classified as OGB which is a Oncogeliabred , an iris hybrid of oncocylus and bearded iris parentage and considered to be the easiest to establish.Generally Arilbred's can be established in conditions similar to the bearded irises just grow in a summer dry garden
in a rich warm soil with sharp drainage full sun, and they will bloom their socks off for you!!!!Esther the Queen is available in New Zealand from The Iris Garden Christchurch and at $10.00 per plant is a very reasonably priced. It's sold bare rooted so order one now to be sure you get one next season.If you live in Christchurch you may be able to drive out to the Iris Garden this weekend and pick up some iris growing in pots. Just do not forget to Join The Aril Society International for a triennial deal that will never be repeated!!!!! Three years for $28.00 US and at today's dollar conversion that's $36.00 NZ or $12.00 NZ per year plus a $8.00 US Voucher for you to spend on seed. Brilliant!!!!
For Our American visitors there is a large list of commercial growers listed on the ASI web site that may stock ETQ. Check it out!

ASI 2006 Checklist ESTHER, THE QUEEN OGB (Eugene Hunt, R. 1967). Sdlg. ORB 64-1. AB, 36” (91 cm) E-M. S. wisteria blue, deeper veins, blended willow green at base, brown at claw; F. willow green, blended erythrite red; dotting by black beard on black maroon spot, paling to brown as it blends to willow green. (Sundt 5631D: (Ardrun x Ib-Mac) X Kalifa Gulnare). Tell’s Iris Garden, 1968.
With many thanks Picture courtesy Aril Society International.©


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  1. I came looking!

    But, if I were really to have an Iris named after me, I think I would like it either to be more flambouyant - or pale cream.

    Thanks for letting me know it is here.



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