Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tall Bearded Iris 'TWILIGHT HARMONY'



Twilight Harmony grows in the same garden which is the featured garden shown on the top banner of this blog. (Banner now changed) Plant grows more Border Bearded height for me but when its bloom arrives it most certainly changes the colour dynamics of the garden. Plant shows good purple bottom foliage (PBF), has moderate increase, and can have up to ten buds per bloom stalk. The breeding potential of this Iris to date has largely been ignored. Richmond Iris Gardens, Nelson, is the only commercial grower in New Zealand who listed Twilight Harmony last season

Catalogue description from Wanganui Irises 1966-67
Twilight Harmony; No introduction of recent years has greater claims to beauty and distinction than this lovely Iris novelty. The grace and glamour of the modern form of ruffling and flaring has been given to a lovely new colour combination, totally new to the iris palette. The standards are a soft clean lemon gold, whilst the falls are just as soft in colouring but a light pure heliotrope margined with honey gold. A clear lemon haft and beard brings the colours to a delightful harmony

1969 Checklist.
TWILIGHT HARMONY.(J Stevens R. 1964) 2-158 TB 32" M Y4V S.luminous honey gold F.light heliotrope, honey gold border; gold haft and beard. P.Cook 216-55 X Olympic Torch Wanganui 1967

The seedling from Paul Cook 216-55 was also used by Jean Stevens in her 1962 introduction "SPARKLING SEAS" this is another variety that I have recently found, positively secured its ID, and is now growing in my collection of Jeans Irises


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