Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Zealand Tall Bearded Iris 'SLYVAN SONG'



Sylvan Song a recent addition to my collection and another amazing New Zealand introduction from Jean Stevens. This iris when it clumps up (I have several plants) will 'look the business' when growing among the darker blues.
Sylvan Song is the sister seedling to Airy Grace
Sylvan we think refers to Spirit's of the Wood's (Thanks J.M.)

Stevens Bros Catalogue Novelties 1947-48
A very distinct and novel personality is inherent in this lovely rounded flower of largest size and faultless form. A true self, the colour is quite new, and can be visualised as a warm honey-cream. A faint dusting of cinnamon brown at the hafts gives a rich almost vibrant note unexpected in such a light toned flower. A variety which will become extremely popular having nothing of the pallid washiness one usually associates with pale colour tonings 4ft.

D'Arcy Blackburn Catalogue, Gisborne 1952-53
Slyvan Song (Stevens) A very distinct and lovely variety with rounded flowers of largest size and faultless form. A self of warm-honey cream enlivened by a dusting of cinnamon brown at the haft. This is destined to enjoy great popularity.48 inches

1949 AIS Check List
SYLVAN SONG TB-M-Y4L (Stevens W R N.) Reg 1947 (Sdgl. X Tiffany) #3/T32

Notes from Jean Stevens stud book 1925-1944 the following pedigree extrapolated from several entries the Pedigree would read (Seduction X (Naranja X Firelight)) X Tiffany
Seedling T32 is a 1943 cross

Finally I take this opportunity to Thank Ms.Wanda Williams (Deceased) and her gardener Wayne Brown for their impeccable good taste in Irises which had made them accidental guardians of a collection of Jean Stevens Irises that endured for decades.



  1. How beautiful. That soft buttery yellow is one of my favorite colors in the garden.

  2. In ten years of receiving Iris society bulletins I have never been exposed to so many beautiful New Zealand breed irises and you have only been going a month.Keep up the good work!!! Irisgal NZ


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