Sunday, May 4, 2008

The American Iris Society Bulletin has Arrived

Fantastic!! the April 2008 AIS Bulletin has turned up and as usual it is an informative read.
The picture featured on the cover is Keith Keppels 1998 introduction "Broken Dreams" an Iris I received as a bonus plant from a grower this year so I am 'over the moon' It sure looks good. Photo credit Terry Aitken.

For all you folks that visit this blog and there are many of you (By the way Thanks for visiting) the bulletin is distributed to members of AIS 4 times a year, each bulletin has 120+ pages of information and colored photos on Irises. A selection of Articles in the April issue are as follows
  • Growing and Selecting Irises in Slovenia Izidor Golob
  • The Quest for a Yellow Japanese Iris John White
  • A Germination Experiment Kelly D Norris (Guest Editor for this edition)
  • Culture Corner Rita Gormley
  • A Breeders Life Robin Shadlow
  • How Fungi Function Sandra Dark
  • The Other Irids Part 1 Robert Pries
  • A Milestone of the Las Vegas Iris Society Mary Lee Fortner
  • Plicata Locus color patterns in Bearded Iris Dr. Don Spoon


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