Thursday, February 11, 2010

Schafer Sacks 2010 Introductions

POMEGRANATE PUNCH. Schafer/Sacks (Seedling No. S03-77-12), 23", EM. A richly colored iris which is a blend of yellow and red purple with orangey highlights on sunny days. The falls have a felty texture, nicely flaring with soft and rolling ruffles. The styles are ornamented with small ruffles and dark red picotee edges. Medium sized flowers are held just above the wide and erect foliage. Three buds present a nice succession of bloom. (Sunfisher x sib to On Her Toes) X (((((Star Cluster x Ruffled Velvet) x (Creme Chantilly x ((Atoll x Ruffled Velvet) x Butter and Sugar))) x Riverdance) x ((Forrest McCord x Isabelle) x Dawn Waltz)) x (sib to Dawn Waltz x Dandy's Hornpipe))
Just arrived from Jan Sacks two photos of Jan and Marty's 2010 introductions. Joe Pye Weeds Garden web site is updated for 2010 , give it a visit and admire the genius of diploid hybridizing. Revisit this post and I will update it with more information when it comes to hand. Ten years ago who could imagine the kaleidescope of colour's, its just amazing.

CINNAMON SUGAR . Schafer/Sacks (Seedling No. S03-28-3), 24", M. An impossible color to describe without using food analogies - the falls are smooth chocolate pink or sugared cinnamon. The standards and styles are the palest violet to cream, both with a warm glow of yellow at the edges. Signals are deep golden yellow softened by self colored veins. A prolific bloomer with stalks well distributed in the compact clump. Small to medium
flowers, four to six buds per stalk. Strong neat foliage. Tree of Songs X sib to Pretty Polly: (Gentle Lass x (sib to Dawn Waltz x Dandy's Hornpipe))

As always clicking on the above image will take you to the larger, higher resolution version.

Of course a major hat tip to Jan and Marty for sharing the magic.
Photo credit and copyright Schafer Sacks


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