Saturday, February 20, 2010

Siberian Iris "CAESAR'S BROTHER"

'CAESAR'S BROTHER' One of the most popular if not thee most popular landscape Siberian Iris variety . The flowers are medium blue with erect standards, very vigorous and easy to grow. I remember a conversation with a commercial grower of Siberians in New Zealand some years ago who stated "Customers visit the gardens and get to see the latest varieties I have imported from America, yet when they return to the shop nine times out of ten its 'Caesars Brother' which wins as the variety they want to take home to grow"
I grow it at home as a hedge of approximately 300 plants down the drive way, and must admit at peak bloom it looks good, bloom height is 36" which gives the garden visitors a greater appreciation of the flowers form. Bred by F. Cleveland Morgan, a pioneer Canadian breeder of Siberian irises. His best known irises are 'Caesar,' 'Caesar's Brother' and ‘Tropic Night', and all are still popular garden plants today. Photo taken in the morning light, and yes its Historic.

2006 Cumulative Check List of Siberian Irises
CAESAR'S BROTHER Morgan, F. Cleveland Reg. 1931 SIB (dip.) (30" 76 cm) ML S. violet, narrow and upright; rich round violet F.; white signals and gold hafts (description from Adamgrove Catalog). Listed in 1939 CL as Caezar's Brother; spelling changed in 1949 CL. Kellogg 1932 HM 1936; MORGAN AWARD 1953

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Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter.

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