Thursday, February 4, 2010

Siberian Iris "WINE WINGS"

Siberian Irises with the so called modern flaring rounded form is so apparent in Wine Wings. A re-bloomer which clumps up well to make a colourful display. Whilst this iris is more than 30 years old and therefore is Historic, Siberian Iris just do not date like the Bearded Iris.

D.Steve Warner, Illini Iris Gardens Catalogue 1977 Introductions
WINE WINGS. Siberian sdlg.1150 EML 32" (Sensenbach #6 X Illini Encore)
This floriferous, long blooming red with a touch of violet received the most vote for HC in 1976 and make a beautiful clump

2006 Cumulative Check List of Siberian Irises
WINE WINGS Varner, D. Steve Reg. 1976 Sdlg 1150 SIB (dip.) (32" 81 cm) EL & re S. light violet-red; F. violet-red. Sensenbach #6 X Illini Encore. Illini Iris 1977

Can be purchased in America from Tranquil Lake Nursery who have a very good eclectic catalogue of Siberians. In saying that, their Historic collection of Siberians make me wish they where just down the road from me.

For good advice on how to grow Siberian Irises visit The Society for Siberian Irises web site. The information can be downloaded as a PDF file

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Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter


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