Thursday, February 5, 2009

Barry Blyth's Siberian Irises

Barry has kindly sent me ten photos of his more recent Siberian Irises to share and starting today with 3 great varieties, and the balance to be posted over the period of Siberian February 

Barry Blyth is a world class hybridizer with a half century of introduction's and has made a fantastic contribution to the Iris world which thankfully included Siberian Irises. However he is not listing, selling or growing Siberian Iris any longer. Barry and his partner Lesley are cutting way back and taking it easy, and are now just concentrating on TB's.

As far as far as he is aware the varieties that he named are all in US and certainly in various parts of Europe but he has no idea if anyone is selling them or making them available. Here's hoping I can find out and pass on the information.
Top iris breeders often feed off each others ideas. These most recent introductions are a Collaboration between Marty Schafer and Barry Blyth. Two great iris breeders working together to create some stunning new cultivars


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