Saturday, February 21, 2009

Siberian Iris ' HEARTWAVE '

More Barry Blyth Introductions just catalogue and Checklist descriptions and I'll let the photos do the talking.

Tempo Two Catalogue 2005-06
HEARTWAVE Blyth, Barry VE-M. 28" 71 cm The best shade of pink we have seen to date. Its a soft , pastel raspberry pink with slightly lighter standards and pinkish white stylearms. It has a small golden signal. Very smooth colour and loads of flowers

2006 Cumulative Checklist of Siberian Irises
HEARTWAVE Blyth, Barry Reg. 2004 Sdlg. J253-3 SIB (dip.) (28" 71 cm) VE-M. S. light pink over white; style arms
pinkish white, grey toward base; F. slightly deeper pink over white, small yellow hafts. Strawberry Social X S92-70-18,
Fond Kiss sib; seed from M. Schafer cross S97-62-A. Tempo Two 2004/05.

Massive hat tip to Barry Blyth for sharing the photos and information

Photo copyright B. Blyth

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