Saturday, February 28, 2009

Siberian Iris 'LUCY LOCKET'

Its great to finish the Siberian Iris Feature month with what was once considered unobtainable, a Yellow Siberian and this 2009 introduction 'LUCY LOCKET,' shows the considerable advance made recently by Hybridisers in this colour tone.Congratulations to and Well done Jan and Marty.

LUCY LOCKET . Schafer/Sacks (Seedling No. S01-91-10), 26", E-M. Small, sweet, golden yellow bitone flowers with lovely flaring form. Two branches with six buds and a long season of bloom. Foliage remains beautiful late in the Fall. Very vigorous. (((sib x Pleasures of May) x sib to Sarah Tiffney) x ((Star Cluster x Ruffled Velvet) x Isabelle) x (Kenbee x Alter Ego))) X Lady's Chain.

Big Hat tip to Jan and Marty from Joe Pye Weed's Garden for photo and information

Photo Copyright Schafer/Sacks


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