Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Siberian Iris 'PARASOL'



The Siberian Iris PARASOL, formerly known as 'HARASUGATA' clumps up well. The style will probably not appeal to traditional Siberian Iris purist, but these spectacular forms of Siberians can add novelty to the perennial border.

SSI Checklist 2006
PARASOL Shidara, Ho Reg. 1999 SIB (dip.) (30" 76 cm) S. absent; style arms white; F. light to medium lavender-pink, small yellow-green signal, multiple (6). Unknown parentage. Ensata Gardens 1997.

Available in USA from Ensata Gardens and Draycott Gardens

Another extraordinary hat tip to Mike Unser for sharing the photo which is an outstanding display of this variety.
Photo copyright M Unser.



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