Thursday, February 12, 2009

Siberian Iris 'HOW AUDACIOUS'

With seven Morgan Wood Medals to his name and Countless Awards of Merit and Honourable Mentions, Bob Hollingworth's 2009 Siberian Iris ' HOW AUDACIOUS' is another award winning Iris in the making. A tetraploid out of Ruffles and Flourishes and a seedling out of Currier x Bright and Beautiful. Tetraploid Siberians have features that include bigger plants, foliage and flowers.

2006 Cumulative Checklist of Siberian Irises
HOW AUDACIOUS Robert Hollingworth, Reg. 2009  Sdlg. 02B10B10. SIB (tet.), 34" (86 cm), ML ; S. red violet; style arms blue violet, brown pink tips and edges; F. blue violet shading to red violet at edge, cream wire rim, cream dashes over outer petals give plicata effect, yellow signal area covers half of petal. Ruffles and Flourishes X 97B1A2, Bright and Beautiful sib. Ensata 2009.

Many of Bob Hollingworth's award winning Siberians have been imported into New Zealand

Extraordinary hat tip to Judy Hollingworth for sharing the photo which is outstanding.

Photo copyright Windwood Gardens


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