Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Siberian Iris 'SO VAN GOGH'

This is another colour advance from Jan Sacks and Marty Schafer. These smaller flowering species like Siberians are very popular when seen by Garden Visitors and after first viewing rapidly become a must have plant.

Joe Pye Weed's Garden 2005 Introductions
SO VAN GOGH - 2005, EM, 30” Schafer/Sacks
Everyone who saw the large clump of this iris in 2004 mentioned Vincent Van Gogh. The flower is stunningly different, the first bi-color 28-chromosome Siberian we have ever seen with purple standards and yellow falls.It is not a perfect flower, the form is species like and there is a small notch in the end of each fall. It make up for its small flowers size with big clump performance.The standards are a lovely blue-purple (RHS 91B to 90B)with darker veining (RHS 89B at it darkest). The falls are yellow,(RHS 18C)lighter at the edges and darker at the signal, with purple veining (RHS 89A). The styles are blue-purple with darker highlights. There are 3 terminal buds and 1 branch for a total of 5 buds. It starts flowering early and continues for a long time. Sdlg No S97-20-10 Sarah Tiffney X Banish Misfortune

Cumulative Checklist of Siberian Irises
SO VAN GOGH Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks, Reg. 2005 Sdlg. S97-20-10. SIB, 30" (76 cm), EM ; S. and style arms medium blue-violet (RHS 90B to 91B), darker veining and edges (89B at darkest); F. yellow (13C), lighter at edge, darkest at signal, veined blue violet (89A to 90B), darkest at tip, signal yellow, veined deep blue-violet, blends into F. Sarah Tiffney X Banish Misfortune. Joe Pye Weed 2005. HM 2008, AM 2010.

Big Hat tip to Jan and Marty from Joe Pye Weed's Garden for photos and information

Photo Copyright Schafer/Sacks


  1. This website is dangerous to me! I found you via Blotanical, and while I don't grow a lot of irises, the more I look at yours, the more tempted I am to add some.

  2. A phenomenal color break - cannot wait to see where they take it in the coming years.



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