Thursday, February 26, 2009


Another species look alike variety which I have gathered by page viewed statistics to date are the most popular Siberian Irises with visitors to this blog.

From Aulden Farm Catalogue
Iris sibirica 'Wealden Mystery' £ 5.00
From the same cross as 'Wealden Butterfly' came this stunning plant. Blue standards and style arms, falls ivory but with exquisite blue veining. Floriferous. Ht 90cm

2006 Cumulative Checklist of Siberian Irises
WEALDEN MYSTERY Wells, Olga Reg. 2005 Sdlg. F0B5 SIB (dip.) (36" 91 cm) EM. S. vivid bright blue-violet,upright; style arms bright blue-violet held at 45°, deeper red-violet either side of rib; F. ivory ground, deep yellow-gold hafts, bright blue-violet signal lines radiate out blending to solid blue-violet at tip; small flower, vertical form. Flight of Butterflies X Cambridge

Photo Credit and big hat tip to Alun and Jill Whitehead of Aulden Farm


  1. This is a wonderful blog . I have a patch of Siberian Iris out near my pond and each year it is over taken by grass growing in the middle of the root. Do you ever have this problem. Trying to figure out what the best thing to do is ???? Thank you for your posting at this blog.... You are very inspiring.

  2. Hi Bren
    Yes we do have this problem, but it is overcome generally by spraying the plants in the dormant period with a systemic, broad-spectrum herbicide. This does no harm to Siberian Irises at this time of the season. Also when dividing the plants which should be done every 4-5 years the roots are washed with a high pressure hose with water to clean out the foreign matter. Siberians have a habit of growing away from the older plant in the center which leaves a nice nest for weeds to grow. Dividing plants gives better bloom after the first year also give you a lot more plants .Hope this is of some help


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